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Todays connected cars have become a sophisticated media center, looking forward, this movement will become even greater as autonomous cars become a reality. More Video & Audio sources will come in to play whether for the Advanced Driving Assistance Systems or for the infotainment.

SILORA R&D is a member of the HDBaseT alliance which has recently announced a revolutionary technology based on Valens HDBaseT Automotive chipsets. The technology enables to deliver 5Play connectivity (uncompressed audio & video, Ethernet, control, USB and Power) over a low-cost 2-wire unshielded UTP cable with zero latency over 15 meters dealing with harsh automotive conditions such as cable aging, EMC and temperature changes. On top of the cost reductions involved moving from the current media cabling to an unshielded twisted pair solution, this shift presents a major weight reduction helping to achieve better fuel efficiency.

As a member of the HDBaseT alliance and a development partner of Valens, SILORA R&D is an early adapter of Valens chipsets that are still under development. Combined with our expertise in the professional AV industry, SILORA R&D is the go-to OEM partner for Automotive Media Hubs. 

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