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Since SILORA R&D's founding in 2003, it has been providing state of the art multimedia and switching solution systems to leading companies in the AV market.
SILORA R&D's unique value is that we know ProAV technology and we embrace next generation ProAV technology.
We use our agility to create products that solve our customers ever growing needs.
Our solutions are enhanced with know-how acquired through years of experience designing and implementing Control rooms and integrating with medical equipment. .


Our vision is to innovate ProAV Technology solutions for our partners and customers.
We achieve this through collaboration with leading technology partners bringing future technology earlier to the market.

    Our Customers -We care for our customer - that's the way we do business, our customers requirements, preferences, and needs, earn our foremost concern. Among our customers are some leading ProAV companies, governments, defense organizations, commercial financing companies and healthcare systems providers.

    Our Products - We deliver flawless multimedia distribution. Extensive testing and verification, ensure that our solutions are robust, reliable and of the highest quality.

    Our Employees - We have 20 employees and we are growing. Our engineers and programmers are industry professionals. They are always developing products that incorporate future technologies.

SILORA R&D has three main business lines, offering a range of solutions for our customers

  • AV Vision - Advanced ProAV systems – ODM/OEM Services
  • IP Vision - Video over Virtual IP matrix with an advanced management system
  • MED Vision – Product line specifically designed for the Medical market

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