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In healthcare, there are many applications requiring transmission of video and data. In the complex setting of a hospital there are many barriers to overcome: cross platform media transmission, splitting signals across different protocol displays, construction barriers, distance and much more.

SILORA R&D multimedia distribution and switching solutions enable healthcare institutions to display diverse information exactly when and where it is needed. Whether it be an operating “theatre” or cross-room monitoring, staff training or any medically required transmission of data, video and various multimedia.

SRD MED products can divert AV to and from multiple signal sources and interoperable with a wide variety of protocols and cable types. The platform helps you integrate new technologies with older equipment.

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Medical Solutions:

  • iDVI11: DVI 1 to 1 5KV isolator 
    Provides 5KV full galvanic isolation for connecting medical imaging systems to a high definition video device.
  • iDVIex11: Isolated DVI Extender over CAT6
    Isolates and extends DVI signals over CAT6 cables (up to 200ft)
  • iVGA12 Isolated VGA 1:2 Splitter
    Splits a single VGA source and outputs it to designated DVI-I connectors
  • USB 2.0 isolator protects both the power and the connected USB devices data lines from
    harmful ground loops and damaging power surges that are intolerable in the medical environments.
    The USB 2.0 is a High Speed 480 Mbps Isolator provide two isolated USB downstream ports, each port is isolated from each other and from upstream.

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