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ProAV IP Vision – Control Room AV and KVM infrastructure

Control rooms with substantial numbers of display options for video sources and applications construct the reality of today’s management requirements of enterprises and government organizations alike. From small to massive control rooms, from first responders’ emergency control rooms to financial institutions call centers– all need to connect, display and manage the information they display. Operators need to monitor the information and act upon it in real time. To do this, control rooms’ infrastructure needs to have the latest processing and display solutions. The AV and IT industries are converging, and customers are expecting open standards, clear protocols, scalability,

Our ProAV IP Vision solution includes an advanced management interface that monitors and controls end units in real-time, enables management of media, such as Audio, Video and USB and setting it up in a multicast / unicast IP Matrix that turns into the AV and KVM Computing infrastructure for control rooms.

SILORA R&D ProAV IP Vision Solution was developed for new leading control rooms with support for the latest ProAV technologies. Repeatedly customers affirm that system performance in real-time conditions is exemplary. In addition, the built-in operational features make the control room easy to monitor, scale up or down, change and update.

Functional Features

  • Intelligent routing enables intuitive large-scale matrix management. The simple click to route feature facilitates setup of many to many ports and group management.
  • Access Management Module A complete access management module supports the ability to grant different access levels to stakeholders such as operators, supervisors and senior decision makers. This enables them to manage specific scenarios, routing & locations facilitating fast decision making.
  • Show Director Schematic diagrams of the actual site enable easy and intuitive control. Routing is simple and can create local operator scenarios and preset scenarios that enable quick incident control changes.
  • Quality of Service Control QoS enables video quality level control (3 levels). In addition, upscaling and downscaling of video resolution is automatically attained.
  • Unified Keyboard Mouse Control Control several sources with one set of keyboard mouse, configured by software (no additional hardware required).
  • Video Wall Intuitive and simple video wall control using the IP Vision management system.

Operational Features

  • Unit Monitoring Capabilities Includes auto detection and real-time management. In a simple and quick approach, units are set up and configured once they are connected. Content flow is monitored automatically and software upgrades are centrally managed via VMSC-2000. Units can be monitored from initialization to replacement.
  • Network Capabilities Switch simulations provide maximum flexibility and port visibility. IP Vision Director can quickly identify if an endpoint is not functioning. Radius server integration and DNS are supported. Both LAN and Private WAN network topologies are supported.
  • System Log Capabilities The system includes complete log management. Everyday operational faults are identified by unique colors that make them easier to spot. A flexible log storage duration time can be set up through the management system.
  • Built in Redundancy Redundancy was built to ensure failsafe video delivery. Video will stream regardless of unexpected failures in the management system. Configurations of server masters-slaves are supported. NIP, Network connections and power supply are dual.
  • Security The IP Vision management security overlay includes VLANs support, event-based hierarchical alert modes, configurable access levels & permissions (admin, super-user, user, etc.), and group access levels. Support for restricted and secured locations, SSL, HTTPS, unit to management authentication, AAA/LDAP integration, USB control for HID and more.

SILORA R&D ProAV IP Vision Director

  • The only system with intuitive routing of media on real installation layout
  • The only system with visibility to Layer 3 / IP switches

    SILORA R&D has created a virtual matrix that works over IP instead of a physical box, which has allowed us to develop a unique management system that has a smart and intuitive control.

    Our user interface is easily viewed and monitored from any browser. The software clearly demonstrates the input and output of multimedia in the virtual matrix in context to the actual physical room\screen layout and allows for easy and intuitive changes in configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting.

    It provides analysis and full diagnostics of fault management reports. All features are also available through a rich API that enables connectivity to 3rd party controllers and video management systems.

    Our management system was built to help you monitor and solve any problems that might arise while continuing to work in parallel and not letting those issues interfere with the operations of the control room.

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