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SKU: VMS1004

Mission Critical IP Solution: IP Management Server

Mission critical proven system, substantial civil and security customer base (thousands of ports already deployed for many years). Scalable Virtual IP Matrix for video sources and applications.
From small to massive control rooms, from first responders’ emergency control rooms to financial institutions call centers– all sources are connected, displayed and managed.
Sophisticated software managed the operator’s permissions and support smooth operation using free flow keyboard mouse as well as fast routing, integrated videowall and quad capabilities.
Operators can monitor the information and act upon it in real time. our control rooms infrastructure sytem has the latest processing and display solutions. The AV and IT industries are converging, and our ourcustomers are getting open standards, clear protocols, scalability, security, network management, centralized monitoring and maintenance capabilities.
Our IP management server solution includes an advanced management interface that monitors and controls end units in real-time, enables management of media, such as Audio, Video and USB and setting it up in a multicast / unicast IP Matrix that turns into the AV and KVM Computing infrastructure for control rooms.

SILORA R&D IP Management Server Vision Solutions is a market leader of advanced, IP-based matrix solutions, deployed to manage thousands of ports. Our customers testify that our technologies offer the best latency, switching time and overall perfomance for compressed video.
Functional Features

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent routing enables intuitive largescale matrix management. The simple click-to-route feature facilitates selection of scalable port-port and pre-assigned group management.

Login And Access Control

The comprehensive access management module defines and manages diffrent access levels to stakeholders such as chief, supervisors, manager and source ownership. This solution provides management of end user permissions to contact the sources

Show Director

Interactive graphic displays of physical areas enable easy and intuitive control. Routing via manual, local operator switching or using preset scenarios provide fast incident control solutions.

Quality of Service Control

QoS enables video quality level control (3 levels).

Unified Keyboard Mouse Control

Control many sources with a single keyboard-mouse, configured by software (no additional hardware required).

Video wall

Intuitive and simple video wall control using the IP Vision management system.

Dynamic Map Builder

A solution to simulate control room layouts, sources and destinations and to define the features of each component.
Operational Features

Unit Monitoring Capabilities

Includes auto detection and real-time managment. For operational efficienty, units are set up and configured upon connection. Content flow is monitored automatically and software upgrades are centrally managed via the VMSC-2000. Units can be monitored from initialization through to replacement.

Network Capabilities

Switch simulations provide maximum flexibility and port visibility. IP Vision Director can quickly identify if an endpoint is not functioning. Radius server integration and DNS are supported.

System Log Capabilities

The system includes complete log management. Operational incidents are identified by unique colors for ease of identification. Flexible log storage conservation can be defined through the management system.

Built in Redundancy

System redundancy solutions ensure high overall availability. In the event of a failure in the management system, routing of audio and video will be maintained. Master-slave server configurations are supported. NIP, Network connections and power supplies are dual.


The IP Vision management security overlay includes VLAN support, encrypted control protocol by AES256, configurable access levels & users permissions and Login Access control. Support for restricted and secured locations, SSL, HTTPS, unit to management authentication, AAA/LDAP integration, USB control for HID and more.
SILORA R&D IP Management Server Director
The user interface can easily be controlled and monitored via any web browser.

The interface is designed to display input and output sources and destinations used with the virtual matrix in conjunction with actual physical room and screen layouts.
It allows for rapid and intuitive changes to configuration, and for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Included is full event diagnostic monitoring, reporting and analysis.

All features are equally available through a rich API enabling connectivity to 3rd party controllers and video management systems.

Extender and Matrix solution that operates over a standard 1GbE network.
model# Type Video Interface Stereo Audio 3.5 Jack NW Interface USB Ports RS-232 PoE KM Free Flow Auto Discovery by VMSC Passthrough Port Power Supply Dimensions in mm (W x D x H)
SRD-KVM-IP2K-Tx KVM oIP Tx 1xHDMI 2 Copper/Fiber SFP / RJ45 2 12VDC / 18W 133x120x25
SRD-KVM-IP2K-Rx KVM oIP Rx 1xHDMI 2 Copper/Fiber SFP / RJ45 4 12VDC / 18W 133x120x25
SRD-KVM-IP2K-LP-PoE-Tx KVM oIP Tx 2xHDMI, 1xVGA 2 Copper/Fiber SFP / RJ45 2 12VDC / 18W 213x113x29
SRD-KVM-IP2K-PoE-Rx KVM oIP Rx 1xHDMI, 1xVGA 2 Copper/Fiber SFP / RJ45 4 12VDC / 18W 213x113x29
SRD-KVM-IP4K-LP-PoE-Tx KVM oIP Tx 2xHDMI, 1xVGA 2 Copper/Fiber SFP / RJ45 2 12VDC / 18W 213x113x29
SRD-KVM-IP4K-PoE-Rx KVM oIP Rx 1xHDMI, 1xVGA 2 Copper/Fiber SFP / RJ45 4 12VDC / 18W 213x113x29
SRD-KVM-MNG KVM IP manager server including licenses for 30 ports. (Any combination of Rx/Tx)
SRD-KVM-4U-PS-RCK 4U rack for a 19 Inch cabinet with centralized power supply
SRD-KVM-4U-RCK 4U rack for a 19 Inch cabinet.
SRD-KVM-2U-RPS-RCK 2U rack for a 19 Inch cabinet with centralized redundant power supplies and back panel.
SRD-KVM-CMB-82 Secured 8x2 Ports 4K30 UHD DP/HDMI KVM Combiner SRD-KVM
SRD-KVM-CMB-162 Secured 16x2 Ports 4K30 UHD DP/HDMI KVM Combiner