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SKU: ASM10123

SKU: ASM10123
Distributes & extends Video, USB, RS-232 and Stereo Audio over Local Area Networks

This IP KVM distributes and extends HDMI, USB, 2-way stereo analog audio, RS-232, over a Gigabit Local Area Network.

• Features include a built-in scaler to help optimize the image for a variety of displays and different viewing environments. It also includes a Video Wall Controller that accommodates any screen configuration up to 16x16.
• New KM Free Flow feature facilitates real-time, simultaneous Keyboard and Mouse control of each source from any connected workstation.
With CrossDisplay Switching.
Power-over-Ethernet allows the Encoder and Decoder units to be powered through a standard PoE IP network switch, without the need for external power supplies.
Login and Access control, Manage the users permissions to route and control the sources.
• Routing to the source by Hotkey, for fast switching
• Secure control protocol by AES256.
• Silora's Enhanced API provides added functionality and facilitates use with third party controllers.

Technical data

Inputs HDMI, VGA
Outputs HDMI, VGA
Pass-through HDMI
Ethernet Ports RJ45 Ethernet Cable CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 / SFP port
Maximum Distance Point-to-point KVM Extension: 120m
Matrix KVM extension: 100m between encoder/decoder and network equipment
Graphics Max Resolution: HDMI:
- 2160p30Hz (YUV4:4:4, YUV4:2:2, RGB) IN/OUT
- 2160p60Hz (YUV4:2:0) IN to 2160p30Hz (YUV4:4:4/RGB)
- 1920x1080@60Hz

Interlaced Mode:

Non Interlaced Mode:
2160p60Hz (YUV4:2:0) to 2160p30Hz
2160p60Hz (YUV4:2:0) to 1080p60Hz
2160p30Hz (YUV4:4:4, YUV4:2:2, RGB)
Color Depth Support:
- ≤1080p : 24, 30, 36 bpp
- 2160p: 24 bpp

Video Stream Encryption:
- AES128
- Low latency

HDMI Spec Version:
HDMI 2.0a
- up to 300 MHz pixel clock
- using external 3Gbps HDMI transceiver

16 bits (65536 colors)
Audio Analog:
3.5-mm jack plug (Speaker)
3.5-mm jack plug (Micro In)

Digital (HDMI):
5.1 Ch, 7.1 Ch LPCM
5.1 Ch NLPCM (Dolby, Dolby Pro Logic, DTS)
7.1 Ch NLPCM (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD)
USB USB keyboard/mouse: 2xUSB 1.1 Type A
Generic-HID: 2xUSB 2.0 Type A
PoE 802.3af standard Power-over-Ethernet
Serial RS232 Transmission type: transparent
Transmission rate: max. 115200 bit/s
Latency Typical: 1 frame (16ms) point to point. Maximum: 2 frames (33ms) in KVM matrix configuration.
Video Wall
KM Free Flow
Login and Access control
Secure Video Data (AES256)
Power Supply With USB: 12 VDC 1.5A
Without USB: 12 VDC 0.5A
Redundant power supply by PoE
Operating Environment Temperature: +5 to +45 °C
Air humidity: < 80 %, non-condensing
Mechanical Data Material: anodised aluminium
Dimensions (W × D × H): 213 x 113 x 29 mm
Weight: approx. 0.588 kg