MED Vision


In healthcare, there are many applications requiring transmission of video and data. In the complex setting of a hospital there are many barriers to overcome: cross platform media transmission, splitting signals across different protocol displays, construction barriers, distance and much more.

SILORA R&D multimedia distribution and switching solutions enable healthcare institutions to display diverse information exactly when and where it is needed. Whether it be an operating “theatre” or cross-room monitoring, staff training or any medically required transmission of data, video and various multimedia.

SRD MED products can divert AV to and from multiple signal sources and interoperable with a wide variety of protocols and cable types. The platform helps you integrate new technologies with older equipment.

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TUV Certifications can be found at Certipedia


  • iDVI11: DVI 1 to 1 5KV isolator 
    Provides 5KV full galvanic isolation for connecting medical imaging systems to a high definition video device.
  • iDVIex11: Isolated DVI Extender over CAT6
    Isolates and extends DVI signals over CAT6 cables (up to 200ft)
  • iVGA12 Isolated VGA 1:2 Splitter
    Splits a single VGA source and outputs it to designated DVI-I connectors
  • iUSB11: High Speed USB2.0 Isolator, Single Port
    Provides one isolated downstream facing port, and one upstream port, medical grade type 1 certified
  • iUSB12: High Speed USB2.0 Isolator, 2 Port Hub
    Provides one isolated upstream and two downstream facing ports, medical grade type 1 certified
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